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BIPOC Vendor Fund

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Roots Rising is committed to fostering inclusive participation in a just and sustainable food system. In collaboration with the Berkshire Black Economic Council, our BIPOC Vendor Fund works to break down barriers for those affected by systemic racism.


The fund supports BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and people of color) farmers and entrepreneurs.

Through this fund, Roots Rising recognizes that there are institutional barriers that farmers of color have endured for centuries. From discriminatory practices at the USDA to unequal access to credit, land and resources due to systemic racism, we know that the tools required to build a fair livelihood and generate wealth are not equally available to all members of our community. As such, this fund is meant to be a concrete step towards remedying that injustice by expanding access to sales channels for BIPOC farmers and entrepreneurs.


The award will cover the cost of the market booth fee ($175- $500 value) and provide up to $500 to be used towards supplies, equipment, permits and/or business development expenses. A limited number of awards are available, and the maximum grant award is $1,000. 

Note: the BIPOC Vendor Fund is fully expended for the 2024 calendar year. Thank you for your interest and support!

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