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food justice

everyone should have access to fresh, healthy food.


is how we're putting our beliefs into action.


Market Match is the Pittsfield Farmers Market's super power. It improves access to healthy food and makes the market more affordable by doubling SNAP, WIC and Senior benefits. Each year, Market Match aims to put $35,000 worth of fresh food on to the tables of families in need- which is also $35,000 into the hands of our local farmers!

So how does it work?

  1. GO to the Market Manager's Booth.

  2. SWIPE your EBT card or SHOW your WIC/Senior FMNP benefits.

  3. DOUBLE your dollars.

  4. SHOP for fresh, local food.


The Pittsfield Farmers Market is now offering FREE and nutritious breakfast and lunch to all kids 18 and under through Summer Eats! 

Summer Eats is a federally funded program that addresses the summer hunger gap for youth. It ensures that all kids who receive free or reduced meals during the school year also have access to food during the summer.


As the ONLY Summer Eats weekend site in Berkshire County, the Pittsfield Farmers Market plays an essential role in increasing food security for youth. 


This program is sponsored by the Pittsfield Public Schools' Nutrition Services Program. Come eat with us each Saturday during the summer: breakfast is served 9AM-10:30AM, lunch is served 11:30AM-1PM!


The idea of the Giving Table is simple. Food drives typically focus on non-perishable items. We step in to share the fresh, healthy bounty of our local farmers.


Each year our shoppers and vendors donate approximately 2,500 pounds of fresh food through our Giving Table. We then work with volunteers from the Unitarian Universalist Church to distribute this food to our neighbors in need. Giving Table donations have been distributed at organizations including Barton’s Crossing, Salvation Army, Elizabeth Freeman Center and Our Friends’ House.

So have too much broccoli in your bunch? Think the asparagus looks super fresh, but no one in your family likes it? Bring it on over to the Giving Table and we'll get the food to the people who need it.



We know that many low-income families see farmers markets as exclusive, expensive and intimidating. To help shift this perception, we have joined forces with Berkshire North WIC.


Each year, Berkshire North WIC comes to our market to distribute farmers market coupons onsite, rather than in their offices. This enables us to create a welcoming and safe environment for new shoppers, and enables us to do outreach about our other food justice programs.  WIC distribution day is always bustling, but our teen Market Crew leads the way with calm and kindness.

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